Commercial Photo Gallery

Air Scrubbers for Smoke Odor

A local art gallery suffered a lot of smoke odor due to a fire at a building next door to it. We thermal fogged & set up 50 air scrubbers to help with odor. They were able to re-open in 2 days.

School Biology Lab Fire

This biology laboratory experience a fire from a match that was thrown into the garbage pale. The fire was extinguished fairly quick. 

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Vacant Plaza Sewage Back-Up

This picture is from an vacant space that used to be a gym.  The sewage covered about 50,000 square feet of the affected building. Standing sewage was about 4 inches thick at its deepest point. 

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Pipe Burst in Apartment Building Rochester, NY

This picture depicts an apartment that experienced water damage due to a pipe break in the above apartment.  The ceiling and kitchen area were affected.

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Do you know what a puffback is?

A puffback is an explosion inside the burner chamber of the furnace or boiler. Most puffbacks are small and are contained to the room where the explosion happens, but in some cases it sends soot and smoke through the whole establishment. Most puffbacks occur in oil-fired heating systems. In a furnace or boiler fueled with gas, the explosion is usually bigger and more damaging. 

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Large Loss Response Team

This year we, as well as another SERVPRO Franchise, were able to help a local school with a clean up that lasted almost an entire month.  The school was overly thrilled with our response time, and eagerness to help with whatever they needed for as long as they needed.  Big or small, one call cleans them all!